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1. a photo of the nominee 2. a short bio 3. an example of what they may have been best known for 4. the years they were active as a musician in Nevada 5.the genre(s) they may have played 6. the instruments they played 7. you will have to include your name 8.your relation to the nominee if any (you can nominate a friend or someone you admire) 9. your email address 10. your phone # to contact you with any questions we may have for you after you have made your nomination.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 775/329-7995 or send us an email from the contact us page.

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The Nevada Musicians Hall of Fame, a place to honor the Working Musicians of Nevada.

This website and award program is unique to Nevada musicians. We seek to recognize and give credit to the men and women who work the concert halls, show rooms, lounges and bars of Nevada. Help us honor the brilliantly talented musicians who have helped make Nevada the Entertainment Capital of the United States!

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