Nevada Musicians Hall of Fame

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WELCOME TO THE Nevada Musicians Hall of Fame or NV Hall of Fame

This site is sponsored in a creative partnership of the two musician unions in Nevada: Local 368 AFM, Reno Musicians’ Union and Local 369 AFM, The Musicians’ Union of Las Vegas. This is a website and award program that is unique to Nevada musicians. We see a big-time need to honor these working sidemen and women that have played the show rooms, lounges and bars of Nevada.

Our mission is to revitalize and generate a vibrant music entertainment business in Nevada by celebrating these musicians that worked in the lounges and showrooms throughout Nevada. By educating and informing Nevada’s citizens of the remarkable and amazing musical contributions of these great musicians made to Nevada and by preserving the stories of their lives in the trenches, we hope to enrich our communities and leave a legacy about the working musicians of Nevada.

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The Nevada Musicians Hall of Fame, a place to honor the Working Musicians of Nevada.

This website and award program is unique to Nevada musicians. We seek to recognize and give credit to the men and women who work the concert halls, show rooms, lounges and bars of Nevada. Help us honor the brilliantly talented musicians who have helped make Nevada the Entertainment Capital of the United States!

Live Music is Nevada